Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rivers Casino in Schenectady

I was very near the casino and had a few hours to kill, so I thought I'd give it a look.
Not much was happening this afternoon.
There were a few NL games but no 3-6 game, just a list.  After an hour there were only four of us on the list and they said that they would not start a game without eight, and I suspected some of the four would not still be there.  I just left.

I did sign up for a card and get my free ten dollars.  I lost it in a 7/5 Bonus Poker game, followed it with $80, and hit four deuces for $80, so I cashed out even.  I played about an hour.
The machines themselves were new and worked great, but all the pay tables are less than full pay.  This makes it a $98.01 payout game.  This is way better than playing slots, but it really makes a difference.  For a long while, it made no difference because I did not hit full houses, so I was not short payed.
When I left I had hit 5 full houses, so I was short payed $6.25.  It certainly adds up.

A 9/5 JOB would be better.  Playing just one dollar in a 9/6 dollar JOB would be better.
The JOB there is 8/5.

There was some shouting at one craps table, but otherwise there was not much life in the place.  There were a few pretty girls, but mostly there were those dead faced old people, unhappy and losing.  I'm tired of that scene.
It does make it easier to plan a trip to Mohegan Sun when Elizabeth would like me out of the house for a couple days.  I can always find something to play in the one of the poker rooms.  Bravo Poker application will tell me what is what on my phone.  I should have checked Schenectady today before I went over.
I checked out the interesting slots.  Quite a change from the old days when it was just three spinning wheels on one to three lines.