Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday May 10th bus to Foxwoods

I could not decide.
I did not sleep well.
I woke up at 6:30 and just threw on clothes and went to see if they might have walk on seats on the Foxwoods bus.
They did.  I had two seats to myself.

It was an easy journey.  I am reading a Travis McGee detective novel and it fit perfectly with the ride.  I was comfortable and did not feel that sense of urgency to get off the bus and get started.

The first thing I did at Foxwoods was to get my drawing entry coupon and my buffet coupon mixed up.  Into the drawing drum went the buffet coupon.  I felt like such a jerk.
At the Player's counter I explained what happened and at first the fellow said there was nothing he could do, but after I got my voucher for my next trip, he also handed me some odd buffet coupon so I could still get my free buffet.
My points will pay for my next bus ride to Foxwoods.
This ride cost $30 and included a $15 buffet, $15 in slot play, and $10 in dream points. Pretty good deal.
The freeplay only got me $3.  I played a dollar slot and just hit one cherry.

I was up for either 2-4 or 4-8 and the 2-4 opened first.  I love being at a table when it first opens.  This was a fine table and I was up and down, but what was nice is I always felt comfortable.  Players were very predictable.  I even stole a couple pots without getting caught.
I did not get many good cards.  All day my only pocket pair over tens was kings and they were busted on the river by a flush after a king on the flop had given me great hope.
My most common hand was A- small and I threw most of them away.  This saved me a good bit of money.  Even once when A-2 flopped I would have lost the hand.  I played one A-5 as a blind and on the turn had two pair, but lost to A-Jack.  It is good in these game to stay away from unsuited A-little.
I did not get a straight nor a flush all day except one flush in clubs when I held the deuce and it was checked around twice at the end.
When I went to the buffet at about 4, I was up $18.  I played some 4-8 and 2-4 in the short while afterwards, but by then the tables were full of good players, tight, and the pots were just too small.
At my last table I caught a jack and bet it even though it was second best to a king on the flop.  I had one caller.  So I bet it again and again thinking I could push him off.  Finally when the river showed four hearts I bet and the guy folded his king.  He had me beat by my betting had convinced him I had hearts.
A few hand later I was in the big blind and pulled J-2.  The flop came J high and I bet it because so many were folding.  I was left with the same opponent.  I think this time he decided that I had stolen the other hand, perhaps because I showed surprise that he had folded the king in the other hand.
Normally I would expect a call meant I was beat, but the turn was a 2 giving me two pair so I bet again, and again he called.  The river was a jack and I bet again and was called.  I showed my full house.

My most disappointing hands of the day were the pocket kings and a 5-6 I played in the blind.  The flop gave me a pair, I bet and was called.  The turn gave me two pair. I bet and was called.  The river put a six high straight on the board and my one opponent bet.  I called and he showed his pocket 8's for a win.

In general, this was such a relief after getting so beat up in Vegas.  I liked the whole day.  I drank a number of amaretto on no breakfast and was happy and still playing well until I finally went for food.
I liked all of it.
I ended up even in the gambling and the expenses of the trip are pretty much a wash.  Now I have a voucher for the next trip so that one will be totally free.