Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tampa Hard Rock 2

Well, I took my second ride up to play poker.  Again I played no limit and found it easy enough.  I just did not get cards.  I was ahead for a while, but ended down $96.
AK won a good pot when I called a bet on the turn made by a guy with a smaller Ace.  I had a good straight draw and figured the Ace or King would win.  We both checked the river.  Funny thing was the guy's be on the turn forced out a pocket pair of jacks.  That guy was unhappy.
I lost a hand with 3=6 when two 3's flopped.  The other fellow had an Ace kicker.
I won a hand with A-Q when an Ace flopped.  A guy added fifteen to the river because he had a little Ace.

I did not have a pocket pair over 5's all day.  One flush made by a 3-5 of spades.  no straights.  NO full houses.  It was a day of terrible cards.

I had a fine visit with Jacky on the way up and back and then she fed us a nice turkey supper complete with a pecan pie.  Very nice.