Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mohegan Sun

My wife Elizabeth is having a knee replacement, so for 6 months I'll be staying close to home and nursing her back to her dancing self.
That was a catalyst for a trip to Mohegan Sun.
At first I scheduled two nights, but there was a death of a close friend's grandson and a Memorial service, so I went down to just one night with the idea of getting home the day of the Memorial Service.
Booking was just terrible.  Everything around Mohegan was booked up and expensive.  Even Groton was booked up at first.  I booked in Wethersfield, 40 minutes away, but gradually I rebooked.  I love for such flexibility.  I must have rebooked almost a dozen times, changing out seedy places for better spots, and finally booking at the Hilltop Express in Groton when rooms became available for a brief time.  Total cost was $82 and it was not luxury, but there had been no bed bug reports and the negative reviews were all things that would not matter to me.  I'd go there again if I could get the price down. 
A few days after I booked, the price was up to $100 plus tax.

I left at about 5 AM and got to the casino before the poker tables were running. My trip down I used two GPS and they did not agree, so at times I got confused.  Also, I needed more bathroom breaks than the route allowed.  It took me a while to get to the Mohegan Sun where I played poker for a while. I never got to play my loved 1-1 game, just 2-4 and sometimes with local rocks.  And grumblers.
I found the JOB 9-6 games in the Hall of Tribes.  Nice.  I lost.  Had I hit one quad, I would have come out more  ahead for the trip. 
I played for the afternoon  at a 2-4 of mixed players, but no loose idiots; I came away $50 ahead.

I checked into the hotel at about 3 PM and made myself a fine meal and watching a few Andy of Mayberry shorts.
Positives were:  Turner Classic movies on the TV.  Free and very easy wifi.  a refrigerator and microwave.  A coffee maker that would take my own coffee and filter.  Easy folks at the desk. A short walk up stairs to the nonsmoking rooms.  Quiet.  Good sun blockage for napping.  Beds were comfortable.  Pillows were fine. Easy parking.  Good and easy drive to Mohegan using GPS with highways off.  Right up route 12.  Refrigerator freezer held my small ice bags.
Negatives were: a running toilet that would not plug except by hand (I just left the top off the tank)  no coffee provided.  Somethings might be a bit cleaner.  The AC took a long while to affect the room temperature.  Refrigerator freezer needed to be defrosted.

Solo and with dietary restrictions and with always too much food in our home refrigerator, rather than eat out,  I tend now to take what I need in food, take a plate for the microwave, take a nice knife and fork, cold seltzer, and a couple real cups for coffee or tea.  I had romaine lettuce covered with a bluegill fish salad that I made myself after my last fishing.  I had four left over chicken wings microwaved on the plate I brought.  I ate some sugar free chocolate, but I think those are affecting my sugar just the same.

Then I went to bed.

I slept until 9:30PM  and awoke refreshed and ready for good, late night 2-4 poker.

When I got to Mohegan, I was given a seat with all local regulars.  Grumpy rocks.  I thought I'd never hear the end of it when I called a raise into my big blind with only 3-9 of heart, flopped two hearts, and took the guy out on the river.  He did that rude grumble thing where he talked to the guy next to him about my loose play, knowing I'd hear it.  Very immature.

I saw the other table was full of younger people and no faces I knew as regulars.  So I got a table change.  That was a grand idea.  Immediately the tone of the game changed.  These folks were talkers and full of fun.  Their poker was okay to very loose.  I played until almost 6 AM, losing at first with a run of second best cards, often on the river,  and then getting it back for another profit of $54. 
But it was great fun.
By the early morning the table was full of African Americans and Spanish Americans and Portuguese Americans and one drunk guy from Texas and there were women in the mix.  It was delightful.  Jokes were flying.  Characters were all over.  One woman came just to watch with her father and livened the entire place up with he banter, driving one dealer nuts, but delighting most of us and most of the other dealers.  It was the most fun I've had in a long while.
I play 2-4 much better with plenty of distraction and a few drinks.  I had three Makers Mark boubons, generously poured and felt them. 

And this is the difference between Mohegan Sun and Turning Stone.  At Turning Stone the 2-4 limit games break down and dissolve about 10 PM.  There is not all night party there.

One woman came in her wheel chair and told us the story of a young guy stealing it on her in the casino, and her friend giving chase.  It was very funny.  There was plenty of talk of movies.  I had just seen Jane Russell in The French Line and I talked to the Texas guy about the movie, and oil and a great character named Waco. 
One guy told this joke:
A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar.
The bartender says, "What is this, a joke?" 

I left when the players got below the high hand award numbers even though with only 4 players they lowered the rake to a single dollar.  I knew these guys knew how I played, and it was time to cash out.  Although the lose guy was still there.  He was lose aggressive and he just bet and raised every hand, managing to steal most of the pots until folks caught on.  I took money from him by not betting.  He folded if anyone showed any strength.  Then on the river, I'd check raise. 
He dipped in his pocket often. Then he started to win and was up to over $200 on a $20 buy in.  And then he started to lose. 

I played off my winnings on video poker and left just $3 ahead for the trip.  $2 I won with 10 spins of Megabucks.  I never play lotteries but often do ten spins and then quit.  That gives me the opportunity to have the fantasy between trips that I hit and become independently wealthy.

Then I went back and packed up and started the 3 hour drive home.  Part what I was too tired and pulled into a nice parking lot by a Stop and Shop with shaded parking far from anyone.  I slept easy for perhaps an hour.  Then I drove home with no difficulty.

It was a good trip, but I missed a good bit of what I hoped to do.  I wanted to see the ocean and the lighthouse in Groton.  But what happened worked just great.  So, I'm ready to be nurse to Elizabeth. 
Already today I built a block to go under the front legs of her recliner so here feet will be above her heart.    I used two 4 by 4's and cut and chiseled a place for the front legs to sit into them so there is no danger of slippage.   It was ugly but I found some old cedar paneling I picked up somewhere a few years ago,  and so I prettied it all up a bit.    A good job done.  She likes it so much she may just leave it there.