Sunday, March 22, 2015


They stopped having the high hand awards on Sunday, so I missed going last week and will miss next week.  This week I managed the trip.
I started my game at about 2 PM.  I quit a bit after 5 because we were down to just five or four.  I ate my sandwich in the parking lot and took a drive down the road toward Ocala, but I was not impressed.  Pretty rural stuff.  I stopped at one Seafood restaurant just to see what they had.  No one knew where the seafood came from other than Jacksonville.  They thought I was odd for asking.  They are new.  I don't think they will last long.
We are spoiled here on the coast for seafood.

When I got back Christine, the loose aggressive player was bullying her way to large winnings.  She had two followers too.  I won't play with her again.  It is more like bingo than poker.  She left. Another left.  And that left Mo who took about $300 and lost it all and more.  She could not bully a table of short chipped players.
She took me out once when a river heart gave her king power to beat my flush.  But gradually I got that back.

The room was underattended, so it was a grand day to look for high hand awards, $500 every half hour.  Most of the time Aces full was paid.  This did me no good as I had one pair of pocket Aces and had to fold them on the turn.
Once I had a good draw with trip kings on the flop.  Once I needed the 4 of hearts for a small straight flush.  Once I held J-7 of clubs and thought the 8 would give me a straight flush, but had it come, I would have not gotten the high hand because my 7 would not have played in the straight flush.  As it was, a very good player put me on less power and bet into me twice with just a straight.
Once I had pocket jacks and a flop with two 7's.  A loose player bet ten on the turn and I called.  It was a bad call, but the river gave me a Jack.  I checked, he bet, I raised all-in and he called.  Lucky hand.

Overall I enjoyed the game.  I was up and down.  I was ahead $104 when I quit the first session, then down with Christine and then up again to perhaps $150 for the day, but a couple second bests cost me.