Monday, October 3, 2016

Home Game

I held a nice home game while Elizabeth was out of town. It was fun and folks seemed satisfied except for those who lost.

We started with two tables, one upstairs and on in out dining area.  6 players at each.  The disappointing part is that for most of the evening I could only interact with a portion of my guests.  In a cash game I might have switched tables.

The food went over well.  I made a hot and a sweet onion and pepper and sausage, all cooked a day before and stored in the refrigerator in slow cookers that were easy to take out and plug in.
I also did chicken in Chivatti's vinegar base sauce.

That was marinated two days, cooked in the oven right in the sauce.  Then stored for a day and recooked in the large slow cooker.  The meat fell off the bone. 
I had plain chicken too.

I made a large tomato sauce from scratch if using canned tomatoes counts.  Oregano, turmeric, tarragon, paprika, black pepper, Bruce's organic fresh garlic first softened in olive oil.  On large can of paste to about six  cans of diced or crushed and one can of sauce.  It cooked hours the first day, was stored in the refrigerator and slowly warmed on the stove as we played the tournament.
I made a spaghetti squash
Served black olives, pepperoncini.
I made some garlic bread again with Bruce's fresh organic.
Peter made a nice cut fruit mixture.
Others brought fruit and cheese, sandwiches and bags of chips and assorted goodies.
It was all good.

I had hoped for chili but cooked it on high in the slow cooker and the kidney beans burned enough to spoil the taste.  Nephew Chris said he liked burnt chili and had some when he arrive on Friday.
Chris was an amazing help.  He helped me set up and take down.  He handled all the intricacies of parking.  He spent Sunday morning drying the poker chips from Gregg's game which I hand washed individually along with the tray and the box.  All the black gunk is gone now.  There are two more trays at the poker room, but I'll do those this week.
Pat came with chairs and plenty of expertise.  Jay and Pat were timers, Chris and Charlie were bankers. 

I was not very astute at organizing the tournament, but I do think that we survived.  The 7800 in chip value and the fairly aggressive blind raises helped to keep it moving.  I hate long tournaments.
I misplaced my own chips and looked everywhere all the day before only finding them after I went to bed and my falling asleep mind told me to look a couple places.  So, I was limited by color.  I should not have used my coral colored with  red chips.  Too much alike.
I also lost the list of players.  We had 12:  Scott, Peter, Cassidy, Dewey, Ed, Bill, Slink, Jay, Charlie, Pat, Gfahr, Chris
Well, it all worked.  Pat and Chris split the tournament money and cash games afterwards lasted until 1 AM when Charlie and Gfahr left.  Cassidy, Peter, Chris and I played a bit of a ten cent Pineapple Game.    I slept very well.

Son Peter did go swimming.  Once in, he found it refreshingly comfortable and swam over to the Dyke.  He was in quite a while.
It was a bit cold and rain threatened so no one went on the water, or fished.

I certainly enjoyed seeing all of these folks and having many of you to my house for the first time.  I only see this nephew of mine about twice a year, so it was grand to give a fine poker party to celebrate his visit.  So thanks to all who came.

I did manage to get the house back in shape before Elizabeth came home, but it did take most of Sunday. 

Coming next is the Gregg Millett Memorial poker tournament on November 10, a Thursday.  It is in the evening.  Times and details have yet to be worked out, but we are moving along in the discussion.