Saturday, August 30, 2014

Greg reports our game August 29 2014

Heads-up with Dewey at Burden Lake -- 25 cent chips -- $20 buy-ins. Game began about 1pm.
In the first 3 minutes, with help from a straight flush, Dewey took my $20.
In the next three hours, I got it back and then some.
With a 30-hand streak of luck, Dewey made a comeback.
Next three hours, back and fourth.
9pm, exhausted (the final hand, went something like this), J, J, 5 on the flop. Gregg checks; Dewey bets 10. Gregg calls. Turn ?. Dewey bets 10. Gregg calls. River is a nine. Dewey bets 18; Gregg raises 18. Dewey goes all in with about 50 chips. Gregg calls. Dewey's shows pocket nines. Gregg shows a Jack, nine.
Have a great Labor Day weekend. Gregg