Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

I walked through this casino the other day.

It is located in a great area that is pretty interesting now and with the planned development, will get even more interesting.  Buffalo is regaining its waterfront and using it as a tourist destination with everything from boat rides to ice hocky rinks.

The casino, like most local casinos was not very player friendly.
It was smokier than most that I visit.  I rarely detect smoke.  Here you could not miss it.
They do not comp alcohol.
There was no live poker room, one is planned in the spring, but locals tell me that is what they have been saying for a long while now and it keeps getting put off.

video poker below a dollar did not exist.  Pay tables on the few dollar machines I found were terrible except for Bonus Poker which did have an 8/5 Bonus Poker.  I can't imagine playing 8/5 JOB and getting short paid $5 everytime I won with a full house or flush.

They did have table games with normal house advantages.  I did not check the craps free odds allowed, but the tables were there.

The location in the summer is really nice.  Hotels are springing up.  A new Marriott looked very good.  Most parking is free, some is free with purchased food.  It is exciting to see all this in Buffalo. 
There is a huge Veterans Memorial area and a couple ships including the one named after the five brothers who all went down

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Odds of Peter hitting a club

Here is the way I figure it.
We are not counting my hand as a revealed hand.  I can’t remember if I held a club.

So after the flop there are 7 cards revealed, leaving 45 unrevealed.
Peter has the Ace of clubs.
Greg has two small clubs.
The flop has three clubs.
So there are 13 - 6 or only 7 clubs left to be revealed.
Peter has a 7 in 45 chance of seeing a club on the turn.

The odds that Peter will catch another club on the turn are about 15.6  percent
The turn is not a club, so Peter has 7 in 44 on the river or 15.9 percent

So, Peter’s odds of hitting just one club after the flop are 31.4 percent.
They could be a bit higher  if you consider that certainly no one who folded after the flop, folded two clubs. I don't remember who was in after the flop.  It may have been just me.   However, I don't think that does much to change the math.  
Peter is the clear underdog.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Greg's Game

Players: Greg, Ezzy, Gail, Charley, Peter, Dewey, Jim

This one was a killer for the Hill boys.  Our chips were absorbed all afternoon and then there was the final hand where Charlie took us completely out.
Dewey had A-K of hearts
Charlie had A-Q
Peter had A-J

The turn gave Charlie his pair of queens and that was that.

Peter was down about $100.  Dewey ended down $61.
Charlie had a grand collection of chips.

High hand was contested for a while with Ezzy's full house beat by Peter's full house.  Dewey cinched the deal with four kings by about 1:30 and they held up.

Jim took the cracked Aces.


The game celebrated Dewey's last game until October and Greg's last game until he turns 77.
Greg treated with some 7 up and Seagram's 7.  Perfect.

Jim had plenty of good music as always and good talk besides.  Dewey actually knew one fact, that Clapton's wife Pattie had been George Harrison's wife for many years while Clapton pined away for her and then finally married her when the Beatle divorced her.  He picked up with another woman later and had a son.  The song Layla was about Pattie. 

We talked politics until we enforced the no politics rule.
Too bad too.  I think we were close to making an endorsement. The consensus was one of these three fishermen.

It was pointed out that some of them were dead, but death for a politician is more an attribute than a liability.

Well, perhaps others can remember more hands than I do.  I'll try to add a few if I do.  I'll think about all the way to Vegas.


The big event this week was the purchase of a peeing boy statue for the D in downtown. 

The event was a secret with some hype for a few days


And then it was time for true art to emerge: