Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

I walked through this casino the other day.

It is located in a great area that is pretty interesting now and with the planned development, will get even more interesting.  Buffalo is regaining its waterfront and using it as a tourist destination with everything from boat rides to ice hocky rinks.

The casino, like most local casinos was not very player friendly.
It was smokier than most that I visit.  I rarely detect smoke.  Here you could not miss it.
They do not comp alcohol.
There was no live poker room, one is planned in the spring, but locals tell me that is what they have been saying for a long while now and it keeps getting put off.

video poker below a dollar did not exist.  Pay tables on the few dollar machines I found were terrible except for Bonus Poker which did have an 8/5 Bonus Poker.  I can't imagine playing 8/5 JOB and getting short paid $5 everytime I won with a full house or flush.

They did have table games with normal house advantages.  I did not check the craps free odds allowed, but the tables were there.

The location in the summer is really nice.  Hotels are springing up.  A new Marriott looked very good.  Most parking is free, some is free with purchased food.  It is exciting to see all this in Buffalo. 
There is a huge Veterans Memorial area and a couple ships including the one named after the five brothers who all went down

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