Monday, January 31, 2011

Tampa Hard Rock

Played no limit for about five hours yesterday and lost $212.  Elizabeth and I went up on the bus and she had a massage and a swim while I tried a $100 max no limit table.  I liked the low max so I could stay at top buy in all the while.  I did not do well, but I liked the game and my play.  I was pretty disciplined and my loses were for the most part a draining.
I lost one all-in bet when I held two pair, queens and jacks.  My opponent had trip queens and called my all-in turn bet.  I was both betting my two pair and representing a spade flush which I was quite certain he did not have.  I was right.  His trips meant I was drawing dead.
I bluffed and won one hand, putting $20 against a player who showed some weakness when I only had a pair of 6's.  It took him a while to decide, but in the end he put me on a higher pair than he had.
I won one hand with A-K when the Ace flopped.  My opponent considered a long time before he folded what certainly I could have beat.  But I worried he had a set and was going over the top of me.
In general, the betting was reasonable.  There were some very good players and there were some who played more poorly than I did.  I liked the table.
The biggest bluff I saw was when the high chip person bet $130 on his pocket queens.  Both king and Ace were on the board.  He wanted to push the fellow off.  K-10 called him with two pair.  An amazing bet at this table, probably the most I saw.
Bobby's Bus from Springhill seems an easy way to go.  It takes a bit over an hour and the ride is just short enough that it is not too uncomfortable.  The seats are just a bit too narrow for a big fellow like me.  Luckily the bus was half empty and Elizabeth and I both had our own seats.  I go with Jacky on Wednesday so we will see how that works out.  The Wednesday trip gives me one more hour of playing time.  I will like that better.
The Kass plaza where Bobby's bus picks up had an interesting Paesano's Bakery where we had a bit of decadent treat before we left.  I had a poppysees bagel with butter and procuitto that was just delicious.  Elizabeth had a crumb coffee cake the was more crumb than cake.  I even brought some of the cinnamon crumb home with me.
At the casino I just grab a quick slice of free pizza and keep playing poker.  Elizabeth used her $5 to help pay for a poolside margarita.  We both had a fine day and were tired when we got back home.