Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ocala is another loss

I really went downhill at this game this week.  In the end I bought in for $160 and when I quit I was down $12.  No getting my seasonal score above $300 this week.

It was a grand time however,  at least once I got off the beginning table of dead action.  I may start paying later next Wednesday to avoid the first table of quiet and boring rocks.

I was at a table with Dale for most of the afternoon.  He is a pleasure.  Len played a bit too.  And others I know.  When the bus left we all moved to another table and that was was fun as well.  Daryl does a good bit of laughing and he was even cheerful about me taking him down on three good hands.
On the first I held four to the royal in diamonds.  It just made the flush because Daryl held my queen.  He went all in.   One of mine was a king.
On the second it was diamonds again.  This time Daryl had four to the royal and I had the Ace he needed.  With his king high flush on the river, he went all in. 
The third hand was the last of the day before everyone at the table went to play the tournament.  A new dealer came and really wanted us to break, but everyone insisted on one more hand and I wanted to play my button.  So, one more hand was dealt.  I had J-Q.  Daryl went all in for $18 and had two callers, one was me.  He had just done it because it was the last hand.  The board flopped two Aces, but in the end my queen high was the winner.  Great last hand!

Hope the Schenectady game was as much fun.  If it were not for the rake, I'd be ahead every day up.

Gregg would love this game.  When both Dale and John come, they straddle most of the hands, either under the gun or on the button.  They play blind unless someone raises until after the flop.  So, that gives the pot the $10 for high hand, makes it the kind of flop gave I like, and gives me a chance to raise preflop is I have high cards and want to eliminate action.  Most hands are seen for the $2.  These guys straddle, but never use the ability to raise the straddle.  There were times when double straddles happened and once a triple straddle.  There was a good bit of grumbling when a 1-1 game needed $8 to see the pot.

I'd play that game all day if I could; however, it rarely happens for more than an hour or so.

I played about 6 and a half hours, then went up to the buffet at the truck stop, sat at the counter and listened to some truckers rehearse their woes and tell their stories. 

On the way up and back I listened to a CD of Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen.  Great story, set in Florida and near water.  That makes the hour or so drive much easier.