Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gregg's first game of the season

Autumn is here because Gregg started up the poker again.
Players were Ed, Jim, Bruce, Phil, Charlie, Gregg, Dewey, and Robin.
I build up a profit of over $100 and lost it all back.  I left down $8.  Gregg left about even.  Charle took about $40.  I don't know the other scores.
Nice day.  Nice game.  I won with pocket Aces twice and both won and lost with trips.
I felt I played well, but I suppose I got tired toward the end and lost my discipline.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Orford Poker

Well, we had quite a fine game on Saturday night and after breakfast on Sunday as well.
Players included Gregg, AJ, Ivan, Cassidy, Dewey, Peter, Chris, Barry, Bill, Slink, Charlie.
The ten cent chip structure along with brass rings worked great and there was plenty of action and still no huge losses.
I did not feel well.  A week of a tough cold and then that misstep on a large common nail that pieced my foot kept me rather uncomfortable.  I think the tetanus shot gave me the huge head ache which did not clear until 2 am.  Still, unlike any other activity, poker is very easy and I just sat still and let folks poke around to make sandwiches.  My beans and rice were very garlicy good, but I think I was the only one to eat them.  Peter made a fine barbecue chicken and the cold cut sandwiches with kimmelwecks from Buffalo brought by Chris went very well.
Slink brought some chocolate brownies.  Good too.
I lost $50 over the two sessions.  Gregg was the most dramatic, getting up to about $100 in winnings and losing it in about two hands.  Slink went home with good profit.  Chris did okay.  Mostly it was just fun.
The heat overcame the air conditioners but it was not stifling, just not as cool as we are accustomed to.
Peter did most of the work: cleaning before and after, making up beds, arranging food and picking up afterward, even some of the shopping.  Thanks. Peter.
Barry cooked the bacon and egg breakfast and it was tasty.  Thanks, Barry.
My real losing hand was to Gregg.  Pocket Aces were cracked by his king high flush.  Had a spade come on the river I'd have beat him.
All in all a great time.   Nice to see Gregg again. Seems he was not a clone after all, but some of the emails have been twisting up in the sending.

“If it wasn't for all the money I keep losing, this poker thing could be a lot of fun.” —VP Pappy