Thursday, February 25, 2016

$6 win at Ocala

It was a fine day at Ocala.  I played for 8 hours straight and for the first 6 I just went down.  Then one hand where I had Ace of diamonds with four on the board and a kid opponent had the K, overbet, called my all in and brought me up fairly close to even.
One guy got mad at me and changed his seat after I would not show him my hand when he folded a big pot with my substantial bet on the river.  He thought that meant I had bluffed.  I had not.  I had a good straight and he folded thinking I had two pair at first and then then that I bluffed.
"Well, I'll call your ass next time" he said.
I did not say, "Threat or promise," but I was hoping.  He had a chance, but he folded again on a later hand.
I loved the table.  Plenty of action, interesting characters, even a pretty girl at the next table and some of my favorite dealers came in for the evening shift.  I am usually out around 5:30 but played until 9:30 and skipped my supper.  Close to high hands, but nothing.
My old buddy Dale had high hand until the very last hand of the session.  It was a hard loss.
I bought in for $160 and expected a loss.  In the end I left ahead $6, putting me at $290 for the Florida season.


Thursday, February 11, 2016


Whew!  Rough day at the poker room.  I lost $250.  I could not seem to catch any really good cards and the hands I won were small.

This erodes my profit down to $307 for the Ocala season.

I played right next to Dale.  He took me down on all in bets twice.  I took him once when I held a straight to the king, but a bit higher than his straight.

The table was friendly and the players were interesting.  One young kid won a high hand with 8's full at our table.  It was a fine win, but he did not tip the dealer at all, nor had he on any of his winning pots.

Julius, a young Black man, played with us.  Someone said he looked familiar and he joked that he probably had pulled them over one time or another.  He was an off duty policeman.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Fine day playing poker in Ocala.  I was up and down by $40 each way.  Ended down $2.
I had three Aces once and hoped for the high hand on the river.  Up popped a second deuce for a full house.  The current high hand was Aces full of queens.

I had three jacks, but on the river came a King.

In both cases I still won the pot.

Some very new folks at the games today.