Thursday, February 25, 2016

$6 win at Ocala

It was a fine day at Ocala.  I played for 8 hours straight and for the first 6 I just went down.  Then one hand where I had Ace of diamonds with four on the board and a kid opponent had the K, overbet, called my all in and brought me up fairly close to even.
One guy got mad at me and changed his seat after I would not show him my hand when he folded a big pot with my substantial bet on the river.  He thought that meant I had bluffed.  I had not.  I had a good straight and he folded thinking I had two pair at first and then then that I bluffed.
"Well, I'll call your ass next time" he said.
I did not say, "Threat or promise," but I was hoping.  He had a chance, but he folded again on a later hand.
I loved the table.  Plenty of action, interesting characters, even a pretty girl at the next table and some of my favorite dealers came in for the evening shift.  I am usually out around 5:30 but played until 9:30 and skipped my supper.  Close to high hands, but nothing.
My old buddy Dale had high hand until the very last hand of the session.  It was a hard loss.
I bought in for $160 and expected a loss.  In the end I left ahead $6, putting me at $290 for the Florida season.


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