Thursday, February 11, 2016


Whew!  Rough day at the poker room.  I lost $250.  I could not seem to catch any really good cards and the hands I won were small.

This erodes my profit down to $307 for the Ocala season.

I played right next to Dale.  He took me down on all in bets twice.  I took him once when I held a straight to the king, but a bit higher than his straight.

The table was friendly and the players were interesting.  One young kid won a high hand with 8's full at our table.  It was a fine win, but he did not tip the dealer at all, nor had he on any of his winning pots.

Julius, a young Black man, played with us.  Someone said he looked familiar and he joked that he probably had pulled them over one time or another.  He was an off duty policeman.

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