Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mike's poker news

Hi, Dewey. Played till 1 a.m. the other night and won a whopping $8.00. I
suppose I shouldn't quibble as at one point I was down $70.00. That night,
the theme of the table was "River City" as I never saw so many hands made on
the river. In fact, guys were apologizing to one another, it happened so
much. My hand of the evening:

I have pocket 3's and the flop comes with another 3, so now I have a set. I
bet and many stay with me, and the turn card is something or other, but I
notice that the board now has two spades. I bet again and a couple of guys
stay with me. The river card comes and turns out to be a "good news-bad
news" joke for this one guy. The good news for him is that it's another
spade, which makes his flush. The bad news is that it's the THREE of spades,
which gives me quads! I bet, he raises, I re-raise, and he just calls and I
turn over the hand. The guy sitting next to him, who's a biker, says "It's
kinda like running into a wall on your bike, ya know?" Very funny. I rivered
this guy again later to pick up the nut flush and he busted out. I never
stay with ace-low card. I always fold it, unless I'm on the blind, which I
was in this one hand. I have ace of hearts and 3 of diamonds. So I stay on
the big blind and the flop is junk--all numbers, so I still have high card,
and from the betting, I didn't get the impression that anyone had an ace or
pair. But I also notice that two of the cards are hearts. So everyone
checks so I check. The turn is another heart, everyone checks, so I say,
what the hell, and I bet. The river is ANOTHER HEART so now I have the nut
flush and bet and a bunch of people call including this guy who goes all in.
So I win again. I shook his hand before he left and he said, "I've never
seen rivers like this game!"

Other trends: Big Slick and pocket aces ALWAYS won. Pocket kings, queens,
and jacks ALWAYS lost. It got so that the guys who got these latter hands
NEVER raised pre-flop, they felt so snake-bit. I lost with pocket queens
THREE times and pocket kings ONCE. It never failed that after I pre-flopped
raised with these cards, I was ALWAYS dominated with an overcard on the flop
that gave someone else a higher pair. I just started to fold on the turn or
before the river card. It was just getting too expensive to chase.

It's amazing how different this game can be from one session to another.

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