Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Head to Head with Greg

At the last minute Greg said he could play for an hour or so yesterday. We set up the game in his little cabin in the back. It was a mild day so it was comfortable. No mosquitoes. I arrived at 2 PM and left at 10 PM. That is what an "hour" of poker means in Gregg's dialect. The money went back and forth quite a few times. We had about $150 on the table for the last half of the play, so those were major all-in pots. I remember some all-in hands:

I flopped the low end of 8-9-10 and he had the J-Q.

He had trip sevens and I had pocket tens for a boat.

Once he tried an all-in bluff when I was waiting with eights full of aces.

The little cabin gets dark in the evening. A small propane lantern gives us just a bit of light. Once after the deal, Gregg started to flop thinking he was dealing that hand with his red cards. I corrected it and beat his pocket queens, but we ran the rabbit on the red deck just to see. He would have flopped 4 queens had he dealt that flop, but three of them would have been red queens.

Toward the end of the evening, we went all-in and I won. Our chips were about even and Greg said, "Just take all of mine," but I insisted we count in case he had some left after he paid me off.
He did.
About $7 worth.
And with that $7 he retook almost all the chips on the table.

Finally, we were about even and I left to pee in the bushes. I don't know what happened. Something with the dog I guess, but when I got back the table was overturned and all the chips and cards as well as the propane lantern were on the floor.

So we split the money in the bank, went to laugh over a few stories on the porch bench overlooking the wetlands, and called it a night.

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