Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Foxwoods Poker Trip


Yesterday (nov 18) I used my free voucher from Foxwoods that I bought in August. It was good to get it in just before expiration. So the trip was free, and the buffet was free, and the keno bets were free and they paid $10.
With Vegas coming and then Florida, it will be March before I get up to Foxwoods again.

Even without poker I was ahead.

I decided to play just 2-4 for the day and not risk losing too much just before Vegas.

Once again I started a new game. I usually like to do that so that all players learn each other at the same time, but this is twice that I got seated at a table of excellent players. Not one hesitant new guy and nothing near a fish.
So I changed tables again when a seat became available. The second table was a much better choice with average players and a few calling stations. Also I was lucky to be seated with two old rocks to my right, both players I recognize from other days, old grumpy guys who play there every day. I never paid them a chip.

For two hours I just stayed even picking up a few little pots. Then I started to get hands. Unlike the 4-8 where I would have to now play with a rock hard table imagine, most of these players did not care that I had played few hands. One fellow at the other table did say something to the woman next to him when I raised. So I pegged him as one willing to fold to my aggression. The rest were very hard to move.

So one poorly played hand was a blind stealing raise on a pair of 3's. It influenced no one. And this was nice because the set came on the flop and I checked, the table fish bet and I called to keep more players in. On the turn with just three of us left, I checked, let the fish bet, raised, and then I bet the river and was called by the fish for a good pot thanks to my raise.

I won another pot with pocket 3's when I raised on the river just to have the calling stations put in a lot more chips in case I flopped big.

But my best hand was 5-6 clubs. I got silly and reraised to see a free card when
2-4 gave me an inside straight possibility. It was one of those gregg inspired bets. It did solidify that I was getting no respect even after long rock hard play becuase it pushed no one out nor did it let me check the turn. On the river the 3 came and I had the nut hand. One loosey goosey player kept reraising me on his A-5 straight and another groaned but kept calling with two pair. The Loosey-goosey was really excited with his hand and wanted to raise again when the betting capped. Had we been head to head I have a feeling that he would have gone the distance. Of course, the earlier raise must have been confusing too. I suspect he put me on high pocket pairs. That was my best pot of the day.

By 3:30 the real fish was gone and I had consumed a few Myers Rum so I decided it was time to hit the buffet. After fine meal of cod fish, chili, and prime rib I went back to find the table changed a bit. Better players were there. I raised on an A-8 of diamonds based on something I read in one of the poker books. It built the pot. The Flop was 8-8-A and Loosey Goosey saw me all the way to the river, lost, packed up his chips and left the table.

I had a run of A-high card so I was playing hand after hand and to those who had not played with me earlier, I looked like a loose player and got called. Some hands did well. My worst missed hand was to have A-K two pair beat with trip jacks. But over all I did well and had a good time bantering with a guy across the table.

So it was a fine afternoon. A cute girl to banter with at the table. A fairly easy game. And no one giving me much respect.

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