Saturday, March 15, 2008

Greg's March 12

I played a terrible game today. I just wanted to bet. I was on tilt from the moment I started and it cost me plenty. At one point I was down $70. I quit up $39, but only because I chased a flush because I had the Ace. It was a bad bet because I knew that my opponent Scott had the flush by the way he bet. So that meant there were only 7 spades left in the deck. Odds 7/43. It was a 16% chance I would win. Since Scott threw most of the money in the deck after the turn made his flush, I would not get that much pot odds by calling his all in bet. I just got lucky.

In addition, I was not careful and flashed my cards to Ken who played next to me. I am not used to having anyone right next to me in these home games. I will have to watch at Turning Stone and Vegas to see I am not giving away information there too.

Peter played well. He also seemed to get cards.

Bruce actually left with money. I tried again to convince him that throwing away free draws by folding rather than checking is a big mistake, but there is no telling him anything. Today he even started throwing away his blind rather than seeing a free flop. But he loses most of his money by chasing any chance for a win right to the river in spite of strong bets by opponents. He just can't give up hope even on an inside straight draw.

Greg played very tight for Greg. I think he is getting the idea that bluffing 7 players is very hard. Someone is going to have something.
I called his all in bet when all I had was pocket Aces and there was a possible straight on the board. Both he and Bruce had the small straight. It was a stupid call on my part as I had little chance to win because with two people ahead of me betting or calling a Greg's 50 chip bet, someone most likely had the straight. I was just so sure that my 20 chip bet would push them out that I was stupid.

We had 8 players total, but only seven at any one time. It was crowded in Greg's kitchen that day, but we all managed to fit. I enjoyed having some Saranac and ppop corn.

Peter has provided quite a few players and boosted the game. I was worried it might bring in some players that we could not trust. But the players who came were fairly new to the game and made plenty of mistakes too. Of the three, only Ken walked with some profit after some lucky cards.

It will be two weeks before Greg hosts again. I am going to turning Stone on Tuesday. Soon my tow day game will be on. That should be fun.

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