Thursday, July 10, 2008

Local Games

Well, I have not written much of Greg's games lately. I don't think anyone in the group reads these anyway and I can't imagine the game details of much interest to others.

The games go along very well with the regulars coming just about every week. Phil has been in Disneyland, but he comes back for next week, and the Greg takes off for his great China trek after that game, so I won't see that local poker much for a while.

Peter comes every week now. He and Jen go to lunch with me and we have some good talks.

Bill comes too with his classic "unbelievable" comment each time the board goes against him, especially on the river. He won a little last week and lost this week and left early.

I have not been doing well. Greg does well every week. Peter hangs in. He got too loose and tightened a little this week and played a lot smarter, laying down losers. The three of us all made money. I got very lucky. I was holding A-9 of hearts and went all-in when two hearts flopped, Both Peter and Greg called. The turn was heart. Peter bet again, but Greg folded. Pete held two hearts also, one of them was the king. But I had the nut. That hand made my money. Otherwise I'd have been down $20.

After that Greg called the game. He did not want to face both of us if we were as high chipped as he was and perhaps lose his afternoon's winnings in one hand. Smart, but disappointing. It underlines too the fact that although he always says he loves the game, there are times when he is ready to quit with his profits rather than risk a huge loss. Had I not lost so much on the one I overbet, I'd have been able to make more on my big hand from his racks.

Peter still had a harder day. He bought in five times. Both Greg and I had only 2 buys. Mine was almost the first hand of the day, when Bruce took me for an all-in win. Greg lost everything and worked his way back against the big chips to have a few trays. It was really amazing to watch.

There were lots of quads. Bruce and I had them and Greg had them twice. None made huge money, but all did fine.

Greg is very good and hard to figure. He is aggressive, but seems to know when to escape. I learn a good bit playing with him that may come in handy in Vegas/Laughlin at the end of the month, if I play no limit. I had him cornered twice yesterday, once with quads, and could not get him to go over the top with an all-in against me. The one time he went, I did not have it and was pushing him. On my second push, I intended to bet another 20 chips that had matched the pot on my first bet, and instead said, "Match the pot again" so it cost me $60, and then he went all-in. I had to fold.

Keith just got back and lost $30. Unusual. He did win earlier and lost on a night when he said he may have been drinking just a few too many Johnny Walkers. That is my reservation too. The limit games allow some leyway for mistakes. He and Bern had an Elvis renewal of vows at Graceland chapel, just the two of them. So fine to see a couple still in love after ten years.

His experience makes me almost sure to play just limit. I make mistakes even when I don't drink. I turned over my cards by accident yesterday and then folded what ended up being a winning hand. I did not want to play them if everyone had seen them. Otherwise I'd have stayed in for certain. That is the kind of error that is the most stupid. I don't usually make those errors in casinos.

Too often in Greg's games too I give Peter a look at my cards. In the casino I am careful to cup my hands, but I have no deck to shuffle and more time to act and decide. I need to slow down a bit at Greg's, especially when it gets late in the afternoon.

Well, we may play at Slink's on Friday. He wants a game, but was late in announcing so people may have the date planned up. I can go. Last time Karp and his son-in-law came and played pretty loose abd aggressive. It was a hard game figure and I guess they go lucky and took most of the money.

Peter and I expect a day at Foxwoods also. I have a free voucher for the bus. Next week might be good. I am done with the woodworking, but the weather has been so nice here I hate to leave the lake for a long day like that.

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