Sunday, February 1, 2009

Elizabeth and I went to the Ocala poker room located in the Jai-Alai gambling center. It was my first time there. I played 2-4 limit and Elizabeth played 1-2 limit, and then 2-4 limit but not at my table.

I loved the place. It was layed back and folks were friendly. The players in the 2-4 were good but very lose and passive. That is my favorite sort of game. Over about 4 hours I lost $19 but I'll go back.

The room itself was very quiet. They were not always calling for seating arrangement like at Foxwoods. If kids visit us they would have the bankroll for the 1-2 limit game. I have never sen that low a game before.

Elizabeth reported the other games as similar although she is fairly new at this. Still, she would have recognised a table of maniacs capping every bet. That did not happen.

At my table it was a see the flop and play game. So just holding strong cards, including strong draw cards was the way to win.

Once on 5-7 of hearts with everyone in I was on the button. I had been throwing away lots of stuff, so I wanted to play. I raised.
It worked perfectly to put lots of money in the pot and disguise my hand. It might have worked to give me a free card, but I flopped a straight, so I bet. Good thing. On the turn and the river two hearts came. This made my flush, and I bet the river because most of the post flop players folded when I bet after the flop putting me on a very high pair. Someone could have easily stayed with a couple hearts has I checked and then paid to see the river. The folding on the river in many hands told me plenty of players were happy to chase.

I had both pocket aces and pocket kings in fairly early position and because I was playing so tight I got too much respect and won both those pots before the river. Nice, but I could have used a guy with queens calling me down.

My earning respect with rags-thrown-away did not set me up to steal many pots. Some would say that here can be no stealing in 2-4, but as loose as they guys were preflop, they were cautious to tight after that and could be bullied out, but I was never in the right place with the right cards. I guess I overbet twice and won but I had backups.

I might have benefited from playing just a bit more tight. I lost three hands to the same player when his kicker beat me.

My best hand was K-7 suited that flopped 7-7-X. A woman bet in to me and I just called as I had callers after me and nothing much for them to chase. On the river I raised her and she called to see with her two pair. That hand also earned me respect. I liked the pot, but perhaps that was the time for a table change as these players did pay good attention.

Afterwards we found a nice little Italian-Mexican place down the road. Also there is food there outside the poker room. I could easily get a soup and salad to hold me over if I needed it. I may go back on Tuesday or I may go down to Tampa Downs again as the horses are running and there will be distracted players.

Next year we are hoping for a place we found in Dunellon. That would be just 40 minutes to the Ocala poker room and Elizabeth might play a few hours there with me.

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