Saturday, October 24, 2009

John's Game

Well, it was another friendly night of poker with lots of interesting taste bites including some of the best brownies anyone ever tasted. John has a sister who really knows how to cook.

Two tables, a fifty dollar and a twenty dollar were set up and the action was good at both. Everyone seemed to have a fine time.

I was tired. By midnight I could barely keep focused on when my turn came about. At one point I dozed off while Jerry considered, and after Jerry called (because he did not think I had cards) I called too and won the hand.
But this persistent weariness wears on me. I guess I should have pumped myself with coffee.

So I apologize that most of the names of people and the details of hands are lost to my memory.

I played the fifty dollar table with John, Bruce, Jerry, Ed, and two other fellows whose names I've now lost (really sorry). It was a friendly group, and the poker was full of light joking banter.

The first session was Bruce raking in chips and Ed tossing away losing cards. Each had a tough streak. Ed finally packed up and left. Bruce lost some of his winnings back by the end of the night, but he must have left ahead just the same. It felt good to see him basically controlling the table.

John basically donated all night. He had a few winning streaks, but in general he just spreads his money among his friends at his game. A most generous fellow. Money and brownies are tasty treats.

I did very well in the first few hands and then lost it all back and bought in twice more before Kim showed up and my cards turned golden. I know I frustrated my fellow players in the last part of the night, but had they had any strong hands and called me, they would have been groaning much louder.
I did not get the pocket aces I saw John take Bruce down with, but I did get pocket kings so many times I was astounded and often they would go to trips.

One hand with Jerry I got very lucky. He had pocket threes and flopped a set. I had a pair of eights. The turn and the river hit my kicker Queen giving me a runner-runner nut house against Jerry's smaller full house. Jerry did call my final forty dollar bet although he read I was strong and knew he was probably beat.
No straight flushes and no quads at our table. Peter played at the other table and perhaps there was some action there that he can write up. It seems I heard quads mentioned and straight flush was in the verbal air.

I saw John win once with his famous 5-7 flopped straight, but there was less Mocha Jucha than at the prior game. 9-2 did not emerge once in my memory. There was some straddle bets but none that were doubled and few that were raised when the betting came around.

The highlight of the game for me was when Kim showed and sat at our table to joke and watch us play. She is a treat. Along with her came my luck, so I am now superstitious.

Kim has had some setbacks in her quest for Olympic Judo action reported in this game post:

but she is coming back along strong again, and we expect to hear great things from her. Last night she brought good luck to me, and I ended up with a $250 profit.

It was especially fine to see Bruce and Phil out to a game other than Gregg's. Perhaps I can get them out to Averill Park one of these days.

Thanks John for hosting and for being so attentive to everyone.

And thanks, everyone, for my traveling money.
I'll be in New Mexico and won't see you regular goofs for a couple weeks at Gregg's , but I'll be at Bruce's game on Nov 11th. Remember to contact Phil to reserve a seat for that one. Only six seats are available, after which you come and wait for someone to leave.
Bruce says seating is up to Phil, so Phil is taking reservations.

"Taking calculated risks is, well, risky; not taking them is pointless."
John Blowers from his novel Life on Tilt: Confessions of a Poker Dad

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