Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Gregg's game for me in 2009

Gregg writes: I lost as much this week as I won last week (I love/hate this game!)
Jerry has an important announcement which he said he'd share.
Game next Wednesday will begin at 1pm and end at midnight! (I get lucky after 6pm).
we'll have a second shift -- have or bring dinner and be ready to play
by 6pm (or of course come earlier.

Jerry writes:
As most of you know I have been unemployed and looking for work for a little over a year. This week I was offered and accepted a position as Vice President for Business Operation and CFO at Coker College in Hartsville, South Carolina. If any of you are interested in learning more about Coker you can go to their website at The real exciting news is that my start date is January 18th (a little more than a month from now).
For those of you that don't know this move will take Cindy and I much closer to my parents who live in Wilmington, NC and my sister who lives in Winston-Salem, NC. Additionally, golf will be a twelve month opportunity in South Carolina, which is something that I will have to learn to live with. The hardest part of this move will be losing the second source of income that I have had during the last fifteen months playing in Greg's home game.
I have enjoyed knowing all of you.

Jerry adds his new address and contact information. I don't blog post those details. Contact him if you would like it.

GJerry adds his new address and contact information. I don't blog post those details. Contact him.

Ed writes:
One of the things I enjoy so much about Gregg's game is the diversity in personalities and how they tend to either delight or rub raw. I for one will miss you Jerry. I always was giggling inside as you did your best to get to Dewey in you're subtle way.

Oh Gregg, I love Diamonds!!!!

Hey Blowers can you chime in and give us the definition of "string bet"? Thanks Mr. Hollywood.
Here is an online definition.

The game discussion was whether after you clearly announced RAISE, you were still required to move all your raise money in at that same time.
Jerry said you did.
Dewey said his memory of lectures by dealers in casinos on string betting included this kind of line, "Once you say 'raise' you can move your chips in any way you want.
Ed thought he remembered that as well.

However, Jerry may be right in many places. What he objected to is called a "string raise"

Perhaps my memory is more from the limit games. There, since the raise is clearly only a certain amount a "string raise" would not fool anyone acting afterward.

Of course, at Greg's game it is rarely a case of being fooled. We wait for the raiser. Greg rules that string raisers are allowed.
Actually, I think his ruling is somewhat like:

Quit talking about all this shit and deal the cards. Who cares?

Readers should also not confuse this with the famous "fold and raise" practice also fully allowed at Greg's games.

Gregg wants me to write up the game .
We are packing to go South, so I'll have to make this game reflection a bit shorter than usual.

We had a fine game as usual. It is my last on in 2009, my last until March.
By then many of the players will have changed. Jerry got the job in South Carolina, so the rule czar is off to settle issues in another venue. Good luck, Jerry. Glad you found work and perhaps one day you will drift up here on a Wednesday and rejoin the old fellows.

Bruce came this week, but the cards went badly for him. He has trouble laying down second best and saving chips. He was busted early this week.

The new Phil was evident. What is happening! This guy took a huge number of pots again this week and left ahead.

Jerry left ahead $16 after an average game. I took him out when he was ahead of me with a heart flush on the river. He took me out when My flopped two pair beat his single Ace when he caught a queen on the river.

Peter did just fine, stacking chips and he did finally manage to risk less of his winnings and come out ahead for the day.

I came out $3 ahead. I only made two buy ins. Mostly I did not get cards and when I did I did not get callers.

I was more rested and alert, but I still muffed one. I turned before the betting was done. It was a three. Ed held a pair of threes. He was not happy to see his trip card shuffled back in the deck. Sorry Ed.

Greg was back to better concentration and play. He made some fine bets. But he lost money overall. Once he folded a jack of spades only to see the rest of the spade Royal work its way out on the board.

Casey joined us too and he had plenty to say about how the game was played. He won a bananna.

No quads this time as far as I remember.

Well, I will miss this game and be ready to come back to it in March. In the meantime, I'll keep up on my Ocala and Tampa games here on this blog, so check in once in a while and leave a comment.
I do have to review comments as the spammer who visits me everyday was making me work to erase comments. Now I can catch them before they post. But I love getting comments.

See all you guys in March except Jerry. Have a good time down South, Jer, don't let that humidity get to you, and enjoy the grits.

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