Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Game Before Vegas

Well, I enjoyed my last game before Vegas at Gregg's.  I ended up $156.  I had a good beginning and then a bad run that had me at $50 buy-in.  Then I came back.
Bruce left up $38 and that was a great day for him.
I think Phil lost money.
I am not certain how Jim did.
Blowers attended this week, but his mooka juka was mostly mucky junky and he provided much of the money we played with.  Peter played his usual match the pot game and had some lucky breaks so he made over a hundred.
Ed came in on this three wheeler and left with only two and a half wheels I believe, much of it in a huge pot that Peter managed to pull out of no where.

John, Gregg and I played a while after most the the rest left.  John just could not catch.  Finally, he called it a day.
Gregg and I played head to head for a while and Gregg just ripped the chips away from me so that he came near breaking even.

It was a fine day, buy it was such a wonderful day that we were no certain we wanted to be indoors.  Still the poker draws us. I'll soon have all fine days as I head out to Vegas on Sunday.  That does not seem real at all to me and I am not really fully planned yet.

Thanks for all the chairs Gregg.  I will not be begging for chairs at Orford street once I get these set up so they don't scratch the floors.  We will have more than enough even if our players expand.

I don't think there were too many memorable hands.  On the contrary, it was strange to see how many really huge pots were won with very little in the way of power in spite of many being all-in to see how things went.

I had some fine trip 6's that won.  There were three separated straight flush draws that I remember, but none that connected and if there were any quads, I did not see them.  I had a Royal Flush river draw once and did not get anything to let me even stay in the hand.
My finest victory was holding AX of clubs, flopping the nut flush, and having people betting in to me and others calling until I finally took the pot.  That was my high hand of the day.

See all of you again in May.  I hope I bring some Vegas money back to spread around.  We'll see.

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