Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday poker

Here is Gregg's summary:

First to my gardening guru, Charley -- I forgot to mention the stuffed eggplant yesterday and the pork/pasta today with fresh tomatoes, parsley, basil and hot peppers -- YUMMMM!
And a couple great hands that I forgot to mention from yesterday's game:
1) Bruce dealt himself an ace and then flopped three aces. He slow played his quads and made a pretty good profit. Later in the day ace, ace, ace hit the flop again but nobody had the 4th one.  I forget who took that hand.
2) Biggest transfer of money during the day. Ron held a King/little spades; Dewey held a Queen/little spades. Three spades hit on the folp (or maybe the turn) -- including the Ace. It was bet raise, raise, raise, all-in -- call! Ron, sitting in Dewey's regular chair, made the haul.
3) I held an Ace and an Ace on the Board -- Dewey took me down, but I can't reveal anymore without possibly having the CIA on my butt.
Good Luck to all and Happy Eating, Gregg
PS: Dewey got four pocket Aces 
yesterday to tie Ed's record from the previous week -- or was it Bill or maybe Jim (who wasn't even there)?.


I did do very well with my pocket Aces, playing them very aggressive so not losing, although none that were called developed beyond the Aces.  Pocket Aces also beat me once.  Bruce had phenomenal cards and for the most part, seemed to play better poker this week, folding when he was not likely to win.
I played better, folding those huge hands which I have a bad habit of calling from behind.  I did call one and caught it to beat Gregg.  I played a rare three handed with Peter and Gregg at the end and still did well.  I came out $34 ahead.  I would have been much farther along had Ron not had the nut flush.......and it was hearts, Gregg, not spades.
Hey, that wasn't the time I bluffed you off with J-Q was it, Gregg?  Probably not.  I did beat Gregg too with a good river draw.  I forgot the details, but it was fun ragging on him.

Good day at the game, but four people left at 4:30.

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