Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We woke up to rain Sunday and so I scurried off to Tampa Hard Rock. I lost again. Mostly because I played some video poker. I lost $17, but I did not buy the overpriced buffet, so it was not a very costly trip.
Some convenience store on the way had a $4 chicken special, and by then I had remembered that the buffet was costly on Sundays, so I had it. It turned out to be four huge wings, fried. These were complete wings, all three parts. There was hot sauce. I ate outside next to my car. No tip. It was a pretty inexpensive meal.
I had bad times and good times at the casino. I tried the Omaha and lost again, and again a woman at my table hit a royal flush and was paid $800 as a bonus on top of winning the hand.
When I went to the 2-4, I was at a table with some crabs. The Italian guy got mad because I raised preflop when I was on the button and he the small blind. A kid got mad because his card hit my hand and flopped over. I changed tables and the tone was so different. The dealer asked me who stole my red hat, and when I was puzzled, he said that gnomes always have red hats. So I told him about being the poker gnome

And there was plenty of friendly banter. I won at this table, betting good cards and getting paid by bad players. Some of the calls I could not understand. And my trick of raising on the button with connectors paid off. I raised with 6-7 and nothing much came, but after a lot of checking, my six actually won. So a good player noticed I had done the, commented on it, and was set up then to follow me when I had raised on A-Q right to the river and my queens full hand. He was annoyed, but not mad. He did not make it personal as had happened at the other table
The funniest hand was just after I moved to the 2-4 from the Omaha. I had red $5 chips and had them in my hand. I held A-Q and nothing matched, but I decided to call the turn bet, only by mistake I threw in two red chips. Lots of callers. I'm thinking I am a jerk. On the river a five comes and now I have the wheel straight. Great error. It caught another $15.

At the last table I helped quite a few by talking about the 60 cent an hour comps and asking how long they were good. It turns out that they are good for 13 months after you earn them, so they should be used. One old fellow never even checked to see what he had, so he went and checked and came back. $50. I think the wife and I are going to dinner tonight.

I left early as the game began winding down. I am more careful now to remember that once the players are all good and the table is short handed, it is time to go home.

I saw deer on the ride home again, but none seem to need to cross the street. Which is a good thing!

I stopped for my can of Peace green tea. Just a buck. Few calories. And it is very refreshing to break up the ride home.

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