Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Lost $75 playing no limit.
Lost or folded pocket kings three times.

Worst was when it flopped  K Q X rainbow and by the turn I am all in with one opponent.
The case river queen gave her trips for the pot and the high hand award of $100.


I hit one high hand with A-K and a full house on the river, but the guy next to me had the A-K as well so we split the pot and the high hand award.

Once kings lost to pocket Aces.

It was a good day and I like this 1-1 game.  I played that rather than the 1-3.
I watched a fellow play short stack, buying in for $20 at time at this table where $60 is the max buy-in.  I did not see that he had much power.  This game is in my bankroll.

Worst hand.  Played 5-8 of spades on a lark for a dollar.  Lots of checking.  Caught a seven for a straight on the river and a guy called my $15 raise  because he made trip sevens.  He was annoyed.  He was the guy playing short stacked. 

Not a big pot, but it was enough to totter my tight image.

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