Sunday, March 31, 2013

Funny Ocala bluff

I have not been recording all my adventures, but this one was funny.
When I hit the high hand for a hundred dollars by getting a straight flush on the turn, I pushed out a fellow who had been waiting with a jack high flush for a couple hours.  He was fine, but steaming inside I guess. 
I left the table, then returned when the second table broke up.  So I had to face all these good players again.
The guy I beat talked to the guy next to him about getting back the hundred before he left the casino.  These were tacky side comments.  Inappropriate really.
He won one hand and took ten of my dollars. 
In a later hand I had a good straight draw, but I missed. On the river the guy bet five dollars, and I raised to fifteen.  He folded what he said was two pair.
"I don't want to give back that ten dollars,"  he said.
I laughed very loud.

I was tempted to rub it in his face to pay him back for the side comments.  Instead I thought I rather liked keeping the respect for fairly tight play.  Later, when he had left I mentioned it to his buddy and said I was tempted to tease him a bit, but decided against it.  I knew that it would get back to him the next time his buddy had a chance to tell him although I said I hoped that what I was telling would not be repeated. 

It is a strange game of strange actions and feelings.  I wonder if I'll see the fellow again.

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