Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Days are just about losing

Some days are just about losing
Yesterday was one of them.
First, I failed to note that the bus left at 8 and not the usual 9 on Sundays.  The driver was kind enough to call me.
I decided to drive because my fleece jacket was up there in security.

I actually arrived while the driver was still there and asked if I could get the freebies attached to my bus seat purchase.
He tried to get those for me, but ....

"The gaming commission does not allow us to give them unless you arrive on the bus and leave on the bus."

Then I went to security to pick up my jacket, but they could not find it. 
"We donate these to charity after a couple weeks."
"Yes, I know that, but this was only last Tuesday."

Then I started low chipping a no limit game. I held Q-J of spades and it flopped Q-8-X rainbow and a fellow bet twelve dollars so I went all in.
He hemmed and hawed and vacillated.
"Will you show me if I fold/"  he asked.
"No," I answered so quickly that the table laughed.

So he called me with his pocket 7's.
I was way ahead.
Until the 7 on the river.

He was embarrassed, but I just said, "Hey, the river is part of the game."

With no other bets I was over on a 2-4 table where I continued to lose until I gave up at about 1:30 and drove to my favorite restaurant, the Savoy in Rome.
Every weekday it opens at 11:30, but on weekends not until 4.

Okay, I drove home.

It was an easy drive at least until I hit Schenectady and the rain was pretty intense at times.  Once home and watching TCM I saw flood warnings for this area burst into the movie.  I was happy when Elizabeth came home from her dancing adventure at Jacob's Pillow with two friends

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