Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mississippi Mud Game

Friend Scott took a trip to Canada and here is his trip report:

Good Evening All,
I visited the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls (Canada) on Wednesday evening.  There was quite a crowd as they were running a bunch of preliminary rounds for a World Poker Tour event during this past week.  I had a comp for slots but decided to try some live poker on night two.  Put my name in for a low stakes game and I was number 82 so I figured it wouldn't happen.
Found a Hold-Em table and made some and lost some-leaving up a bit.  I then went to a Mississippi Stud table, watched a few hands and decided to sit for a bit.  About three hours later I cashed +$700 for the night.  Nice game if you are at a casino that offers it.  Payouts vary from casino to casino based on the veteran (who had won a seat in the WPT Event the night before), but this one seemed reasonable.  He and I had similar playing styles for this game -- patience (well, some good cards help) and we saw a few come and bet heavy on everything and leave.
Here is a complete analysis of the game.
Here is a virtual game of the game he played:
You can set this to show you make a mistake.
Here is a scheme to collude and gain an advantage over the house as well as a ton of more information on the game.

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