Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gregg's game May 13

Well, it was another fine day at Gregg's poker game. Jim brought music again. He is passionate about putting together the best mixes that I've ever heard. Every one is different. If I did not play poker, I'd come just to hear the music and the stories he has that back it all up.   It is so superior to anything musical they do in the casinos for background music.

Without going into great detail, there were perhaps a dozen songs that were not only great to hear, but had those kind of emotional flashbacks that go back to my early days and made me feel emotions and even smell long lost scents scents, long gone and past.

Peter loved the musical numbers. He knows plenty of the words and he sang along to some that are from shows he acted in. With all that Peter has endured this last year and a half, it is a thrill to see him connect again with such songs and lyrics and stories of his past.

Jim gave us all that music and most of his money. Poker doesn't get much better than that.

Add to that the change in decoration. The room now is a museum of rare and one of a kind Chinese photographs taken by Gregg's dad in WWII. These get some grand attention in China with tens of thousands of people going to see them and there they were just a few feet from our game. Vegas has nothing like this, no poker room in America has anything like it.

So, yes, we play poker, but actually it is a much richer aesthetic experience than just a card game

Gregg gave us the museum experience and all of his money time and time again.  There is real artistic poker devotion.

I was the big winner of the game, ending up with a profit of $86 on the poker and $10 on the high hand bonus for my Aces full. This is an amazing win for this small game. I bought in for four times for a total of $40, lost most of it, and then had some great hands to crawl back to my winnings. We played until about 5:30 when our host had been flogged enough and wanted to go home and eat garden dirt for a while.
In one hand Peter and Gregg both held A-K when an Ace came on the flop, and they pushed the betting while I called with my A-7. Unfortunately for them the flop also had a 7 and my two pair held up.
Later a huge pot developed and Peter tried to bluff me off my pair of Aces with a 40 chip bet, a huge attempt to overpower. We were head to head. I called and won with just a pair of Aces.

Others will have to mention other detailed hands because I don't remember them very well. I know Gregg lost big today and one loss was when he held a flush but the River put the fourth diamond on the board and his were just too low. Peter had a 3 that won on a river flush. I had a 2. Bill was not so lucky. He held A-X of clubs and pushed all-in on a draw, missing clubs on the turn and the river. I took that pot with my 9-6 two flopped two pair.

Bill was back after a long time away from us, but not very happy. Sorry, Bill. He bought in once and finally lost it all chasing that flush, so he went home.

Ezzy and Charlie made up the table. I think both lost. Ezzy promises to reply to all here and add hands he remembers.

His Ace high flush high hand for a while. Then my Ace high flush beat his out and then my Aces full won. Unlike last week I was unwilling to freely extend the high hand award past 4 PM which is the agreed upon time. Good thing. Peter would have beat me with his four 6's at 4:23.  Peter did take the cracked Aces pot of $7 when his pocket Aces were beat. 

Peter was up and down and ended down $15, one of two losses in about seven sessions of no limit poker in Florida, Mohegan Sun and at Gregg's. I took that money from him today.

It was an exciting game. See you next week. Bring a friend.

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