Thursday, August 13, 2015

greg's Game

Well, John came today and that made it a very different game.
"I just want to announce that for the first four times around the table, I'll blind call any all-in bet."
And we took advantage, one of us going all-in almost every hand.

We took advantage while John took the luck.
He accomplished his purpose by getting lots of chips on the table, so the stakes were higher for the rest of the afternoon.  John won big, walking away with maybe $175?  I just know that he had all the gold rings.

He also announced after I told him of the high hand bonus.
"I never win the high hand."
And then, of course, he managed to assemble quad eights for a $20 bonus award.

At one point we had eleven playing: Greg, Gail, Ed, Peter, Dewey, Jay, John, Charley, Ezzy Jim,    Or was it ten?  If it was ten, then the high hand should have been $18, not $20 because Gail had not bought in.  Oh, well.  I'm missing a name somehow, perhaps.
John wins yet again!

Sorry, I forgot who took the cracked Aces.

I didn't.  I was up and down and ended up losing $10.  Peter lost $39.  Others lost more.

But there was action.
I took two of the preflop all-in giveaways and then tried to pay back by going all in with just 5-10.  But the board played and we chopped that one so I got my money back.
My big loss was to Charlie when my third Jack and his Broadway came on the turn.  I probably lost $30 on that hand.

I remember taking Peter for an extra $20 when the river gave me 10-J two pair and another river gave me 7-2 two pair.

I wish I could remember more hands.

I'm sorry I had to rush out.  As it was Elizabeth had thought the game ended at 5 and she was pretty tired after a full day from Casey and a little annoyed.

We went up to the Alexis diner and had supper.  I had scallops and the others had decadent Italian meals.  Huge portions at the diner.  Nice place.

It was just grand to see so many at the game.  Keep coming.  Bring a friend. 

Thanks for banking, Jim.  I got a message from you but it was incomplete.  Hope the banking went well.


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