Thursday, December 25, 2008

Home Game in Homosassa

Cory, Frank, Dana, Julie and I played around this fine big poker table. We played the quarter chip all in game and had a good time. They all played real poker. No wild betting. I was very lucky and Dana was very unlucky.

I got pocket aces twice, bet them all out once, value bet them the next time. Each time it ended with Dana and I all in and my aces holding against his tens once and another time his eights. I'd have lost to Cory if he had called the all in with his A-K as would have been right. King-King came turn-river.
Dana had pocket kings in a all in with Cory who also held pocket kings.
Dana split a good number of pots. We had ace-nine together. Also there was a long string of pots which were only good for one chip and Dana took one while I took the next and then Cory took one.

Julie and Frank played well, but with the predictable play of limit players. Julie often held her bets down to just one chip when she had good strong hands. She might have made more by betting more.

I imagine we will play again soon.

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