Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tampa Hard Rock

Another poker disaster. I don't seem to be able to win in casinos.
This wasn't all bad luck, however, I just made mistakes. I played no limit at Lucky's Card Room and it is much harder than limit.

I got lucky twice. Once I called an all in bet with top two pair and caught a flush on the river. Honestly I was so intent on hoping for the full house I missed the flush draw that sucked out a guy who flopped a straight.

Another time my pair of kings became quads on the turn. I bet a little on the river, but no takers. I had raised out all but one opponent preflop. $75 was the high hand award.

My worst hand was one in which I held a queen ten of hearts and one heart and a queen came on the flop. Two players were all in preflop and a good chipped fellow bet out. I put him on nothing and I was right, but I missed it that a guy was yet to act after me. So I called and the after acting guy had pocket kings, bet, and won everything in both pots.

It was a bad call. Betting guy had lots of outs. Had I known someone was to act after me, with enough chips to further raise if he wanted, I'd have folded.very bad poker.

After losing at Lucky's I went to supper at the buffet at the Hard Rock and then played the easy 2-4, getting a bit ahead and then just gradually drained by no developing cards. It was an easy table. Just no cards there. The few really good hands gave me no callers.

It was a fine day, but I am frustrated that I lose a little every time I play now and it is adding up. $241 lost this time.

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