Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greg's Game

Nice mix of player's today on this fine new/old table Greg found at a sale. What a treat of wood it is! And it works great because there is not leg that anyone must straddle. The top in made of squares of wood formed by strips of different grain patterns. It sure looks great!

Well, I did okay. I ended up $51. I was ahead more than that but the late gaming took me out. Nothing seemed to flop for my good cards and the rest of the time I had middle rank rags that would not straighten.

Peter did really well. He stacked up the racks. I guess he left with about a hundred. He just seemed to be in the groove.

Ed, Phil, Bruce, Ivan, Bill, Jerry, Peter, Greg, Karp and I played. It was a big game.
I don't remember too many hands. They have just slipped away from me. Plenty of good banter and a very nice atmosphere indeed. My best hand was when I flopped a straight but no one saw it. The turn gave both full house and the promise of flush possibilities so I just went all in and hoped for the best. it was a bet of about $60 and it did the job. I held the top end of the possible straights. Everyone folded. I was content as it was already a good sized pot.

Peter beat me about three times with higher kickers and fully enjoyed my refrain of "low kicker" Funny but I remember that from long ago when Mike Karp and I were kidding and he was at an upstairs table here at the house and I was downstairs and he sang the crack from all the way upstairs.

Well, it was a good afternoon. I was a little unnerved playing poker with my back so close to the window and the storm rushing across everywhere with thunder and lightning and enough rain to float a boat.

Greg's take on the game:

T'was a beautiful poker afternoon with lots of rain and 10 players joining the fun. I think the usual suspects made off with the cash and the other 7 of us either broke even or parted with about $350.
Game next Wednesday and every Wednesday in July begins at 1pm. Feel free to come early and enjoy your lunch in the back at the pond.
Happy 4th of July weekend!

Peter's Take:

I haven't been the usual suspect in quite some time :)
I left up $127.
Greg had a little under 20 chips and went all in. I was the only one left to call with ace 9. Greg didn't want to show what he had until 2 hearts came on the flop, with an ace. the only thing was his 2 hearts in the hole were 3 and 7. Of course the pokermaster rivered me. I was so mad I took all of his money. :)

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