Friday, July 17, 2009

Week in Poker

Well, it wasn't all win win this week. At Greg's I did so poorly that I was $60 down and left two hours early as I did not feel able to come back against the flow of so many chips.
At Slink's I lost in the first session, but scored very high in the second, ending up $95.

Memorable hands at Slink's included some fine bluffs where I got Peter to fold the best hand. In one I held 3-6 and the gut shot straight did not come. I bet out and beat him. It was a good pot too. Perhaps this is why Scott lost to my flopped straight later. He has seen me do big bluffs so my all-in seemed a way he might recoup his losses. Only this time, I had the goods.

I hit the river with Slink all in once. He had me beat with a straight draw, a pair, and a higher flush draw. I had just two outs to make a small straight and I hit one of them for a good sized pot.

It was fun. Maybe a bit more of the rules chatter than I have seen lately, but generally an easy and pleasant evening.

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Allvira said...

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