Thursday, August 20, 2009

Greg's Game

Man, I thought when I got home to the no rake game with the regulars I could play poker.

but no.

I think I need some solitaire time. There I can't lose so much.

It did feel fine to be back home and playing with the regulars. John Blowers came and took a few trays of our money. He is a hoot! He sure adds fun to the game and it is great to see the way he makes the Pokermaster squirm.

Always good too to be playing with my old college pal, Robin. I did get him on one hand, holding the Ace of diamonds to his queen and having him call my all in bet, made out of turn, and probably seen as a subtle trick when it was just dysfunctional play.

It is fun to have some father son time with Peter, but I wish it did not cost me so much. Peter killed me, beating me in almost every hand when we were head to head.

Jerry had his troubles. Many, many more "what a shame" hands. Finally, he tried to bluff me off my pocket jacks when a king showed with rags on the flop. He had pocket nines and had he had more money, I'd have believed his bet. I was down to almost nothing and so I needed some double up just to play and I took a chance on catching a jack only to find out it was a bluff.

Bruce played well. His game has improved. He lasted a good while and took down some good pots.

Phil gave me a lot of money in my first hand. I had one of those "lark raises" on the button so he did not see me coming to a flop that included 9-7 with those two pair in the pocket. He was on a draw and trying to call my one high pair bluff as well. I never saw his cards.

Greg did well inspite of Blowers. Blowers just bowled us over, showing us these terrible bluffs, not semi but trash bluffs and raking in the pots. His movie keeps rolling along. he made references to his book and I had forgotten so I better reread that novel. I wish I could remember something, anything that I read.

Missed ya Wild Bill.

I dropped $70 before I finally just gave up and went to eat japanese food and drown my sorrows in squirts of saki, saki, saki.

Here is Greg's take on the game:

Good game today -- eight at the table by 1:20pm
Dewey back from Vegas
Life on Tilt John
Jerry, Phil, Robin, Peter, Bruce and Gregg.
By 3pm John was filling his second tray and Gregg had filled a tray. Everyone else was suffering especially Jerry and Peter.
By 3:20pm John's quad 7's filled his third tray and by 3:30 Dewey's Ace high flush put him on the come-back trail.
By 5pm the table was heavy on the John/Gregg end and Phil and Bruce had had enough.
By 6pm the table was still heavy on the John/Gregg end including Peter, who in the last 20 minutes took all of his Dad's money.
Earlier in the day, John Blowers was interviewed on Ann's Schenectady Today show (he is at the end, i.e., the fourth segment):
Game next Wednesday begins at 1pm; good luck to everyone (except at the Wednesday Poker table). Gregg


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