Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last game at Gregg's before Alabama

Well, I am late to write up the last game at Gregg's. I can hardly remember the details, but I'll try.
I hope other players will write in additions and corrections. I'll post them here as well for reference.

Jerry was late and rule got into the conversation without him. Bruce suggested we post after missing a blind. Gregg decided that was a good idea and he was willing to do it in spite of the fact that he is the guy most likely to have to post. He did too. Even posted two chips when he missed both blinds. This solves the problem of coming back in time for the dealer button and finding it moved past. This also happened to Greg and may have sparked this trial of this new rule.

A second rule is happened when I had the best hand, bet, had one caller, and then Bruce called and raised 4 more chips. It was a small bet. "Could I reraise?" Greg says yes and lets make that the rule. Ed wondered why there was any restriction and I explained that casinos like to protect anyone from collusion. I explained how that might happen if two people were playing together.

Gregg reinforced the rule at his house that dealt cards are turned up so everyone sees them at the same time. The dealer does not get to look and then drop. That means they are turned from the edge facing the other players.

Finally, if you leave the game and are gone a substantial amount of time, you come back as a new player and buy in for 20 dollars. This happened when Peter wanted to cash out in order to give his wife some of his winnings as a bribe to let him come back for a second round later. He also wanted to check out because he was not certain he would be back. Gregg will keep this pattern as long as it does not seem to be abused. However, leaving with a hundred and coming back in for 20 puts Peter at some disadvantage in a later game when players have more chips on the table.

Bruce will host the next game at his house. Gregg is giving a China lecture and show in Alabama.

Ed left with a good bit of money. A nice haul for him. Jerry lost some and left rather than face that uphill trudge. Bruce and Phil I believe left down funds. I was down $60 at the same time that Peter was up over $100. Peter had gotten a string of great cards. I had gotten junk. Queen - 9 was there every other hand and then it won when I folded it.

After Peter left, I started to get cards and got up to even or above when the game broke except for the head to head that Gregg and I usually finish with. Three hands determined my loss. In one Gregg had the goods when I thought he was bluffing. In a second I had lots of outs but chickened out only to see a winning club flush hit on the rabbit river. In a third, I held pocket tens with ten-ten-king-king on the board. Greg bet a good bit on the turn and I pretended to reluctantly call. I put him on a king. He just had a straight draw. He did not make the draw or he would have bet something again. So my quads, cleverly disguised, took a nice pot but not all the dough and eventually Gregg just took me down.

Peter had quads earlier. He also had a 9-3 build into a full house.
My pocket 4's when I asked about the reraise brought me my playing chips for the remainder of the afternoon as 2-2-4 was on the board.

It was a fine easy game. I thought it was very cheerful.

Bruce's all guys game next week will be great fun too. If you have not signed up, you do that by contacting Phil who is keeping track of how many seats are available. The table caps at eight players with the chairs I am bringing.

Here are the details
Next week will be at Bruce's
52 Woodlake Road
Apartment #1
Albany 12203
Telephone #: 250-5439
Dewey's going to bring a couple chairs so there will be room for eight -- good idea to "respond to all" (or just Phil) if you're coming. Phil is the organizer/contact person.
So far Bruce, Phil and Dewey are confirmed and Peter a maybe.

See ya.

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