Saturday, September 5, 2009

Missed Game with Poker Master

Greg has only four players this past week. He reports taking the money from Silver in the final head to head session. Poker master strikes yet again.

I played no limit once here at the Four Winds and lost my money for the week. It was unnerving and confirms that I need to keep looking for a venue in which I have some advantage. I figured bad play cost me about $50 and bad cards cost me the rest.


Full Tilt Rakeback said...

You liked no limit texas holdem. According to me, you should've go through fixed limit poker. As you know it has fixed betting limits and a limit is fixed for the maximum allowed bet. Whereas a no-limit table means that there no betting limits and players can raise their entire pot every bet they wished. Fixed limit betting is less popular but this type of betting is ideal for the learner since they can't be drawn into large bets by other players.
Anyways, hope for the best.
Better luck next time..

Dewey said...

This is funny so I'll leave it.

Dewey said...

To play poker one needs some ability to read the other players; to play spam the blog one needs not even to read the posts.

And the funniest part is that this blog gets very few hits, so as advertisemtent it is useless.

But then who would buy a product from someone who can't read?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dewey, Could it be just normal variance? Down 200BB is possible, so they say. You might look at per cent hands played to get idea of preflop play . At full table 20% or less is considered on tight side and short-handed up to 30% can be played. Online they have counter for total hands, (pokerstars)hands played from positions, % pots won at showdown, pots won otherwise. I find this helpful for training when live isnt available. For example I bankrolled $100 am presently at $122 after high of $138 and low $70-$80 on $.05-$.10 tables. I try to play 100 hands at sitting, less than 2 hrs at shorthanded (6-max table) similar to a home game. Then i check statistics. I make money with showdown win over 50% and do well with the percentages above hands played esp if table has higher per cent. I use real money because the play $ isnt too realistic, No one respects raises for eg. I try to keep bankroll and buyins like they would be with casino play. Now i am trying to get handle on post flop play. I treat this like the VP trainers I have used. See ya at the table when I make it. CT

Dewey said...

Hey, Chuckmonk.

I don't follow your mathematics, ever.

But I don't think you can figure live poker as you can VP. Check the newest post for a sense of that.

The VP is all math.

Live poker is people. And no limit makes the people part more important than the mathematics.
Don't let Blowers confuse you.
Half his math is just pretend and a screen for his people play.

Anonymous said...

yea You can try to read if they will play or fold. i dont get into many live games right now. I see in the pennysaver there is a tourney at the fire house but the buyin went up to $75 plus a donation. I wont be playing that one soon. I'll try to make Greg's as always.