Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gregg's Return from China game

Well, Greg made it back from China and hosted his first game in a long while. With his obligations
to run his computer while playing, and his head cold and general exhaustion, I'd say the Poker Master was not up to his usual prowess. But, as always, he offered no complaints.

Blowers was my nemesis. They should not have even let that man out of his novel. He either had me beat or arranged a river card to beat me. I was up to a hundred dollars twice and left down thirty five. The hardest hit was when I held a jack X of clubs and it went runner-runner flush. John bet, I raised, and then he went into a long fictitious mumble in which he asked for information from the table and compared earlier actions, and finally said he put me on "two pair" and went all in. I should have seen the Oreo cookie next to his ear, but I called. Only one card could beat me and it needed a club with it. He had both.

I stormed and swore and threw cards across the table and called him names and ...... Oh, wait, that was just in my head.

Peter managed a couple hours of loss, loss, loss and went home.

Bill got just steadily drained. It was his first game in a long while. Nice to see him there. Before the game Bill, Phil, Bruce and I went to the Dragon Buffet. Perhaps we can get that tradition going.

Bill didn't mind losing all his money because he was so happy to see all of us again, especially his old childhood buddy Jerry who calls him Dad. Bill appreciates that Jerry keeps the game going at a steady pace so no one feels rushed, and that he adds such entertaining narration and banter. That way Bill could lose more slowly. We did have to wake Bill up a couple times and tell him it was his turn.

Jerry played his usual good, solid game, but this week he got drained as well and when he went broke, he just watched the second session.

Thanks Greg for letting us cash out and rebuy for another session. That gave both Peter and I an even battle.

Gregg lost.
He'd play a bit, then go off to blow his nose and load things into the computer (hoepfully there is no connection between those activities) and then come back a bit disoriented.

"What is it we're playing here again?" he'd ask. "Bridge? I bid two spades."

Gregg had played a bit of poker on the plane coming back with his grandson and lost $40, which does not sound too bad until you understand that they were playing with Chinese yuan so Gregg lost not a mere 40 but a whopping 273.
He did not say whether he was loading pictures in his computer as he played.
Perhaps he was out on the wing for a while walking the dog and the kid stacked the deck.

I thought Phil went off with a lot of money, but they all said he won just a dollar. I know he had a lot of chips in front of him at one point. (not as many as Blowers insisted on gathering, however. These Hollywood guys with the flashy hats and the svelt bodied starlet companions always have to show off.)

Bruce seemed to "have no luck at all" as he often sings. he went home early.

I wish I could remember more hands. There was one where all the final players had pocket diamonds with two diamonds coming on the flop and we were all-in. I had the Ace and on the river came a lovely little four of diamonds. Amazing good luck.

I flopped a full house holding pocket threes with 2-2-3. I overbet and Jerry folded a high pair so I lost some there assuming the FH would hold up.

I held trip 5's when Blowers held trip 6's. See. That is the kind of guy he is.

Blowers also beat me on the river, but I can't remember that hand.

I had quad Jacks that made just good money, but not on the river.

It was a good game, I thought, full of action and jokes and a good way to start the holiday. Sorry more did not come. I kind of expected Slink, Robin, Charlie, Ed. It was good to see Bill after such a long time. He is so busy in retirement he doesn't have time to play poker. he is off playing with his "new friends." Many of them are very underage girls. Heh, talk about risk taking.

Jerry heads out next week for a job interview in South Carolina. Hope it is a good one and he finds a place he likes. Tough to move that far away, however, after all these years here in the Capital District. Good luck on that one.

Gregg hosts again next week so those of you who caught his cold this week can bring it back and lose it to him next week. I'm planning on bringing bubonic plague, but I'll lose that to Blowers.

I don't know if Blowers is coming. He is always busy working on the movie. But why does he need to worry about funding when we are all here to help him every week?
If he does come, I'm not going to be nice to him. I'm going to get back my money if it takes a thousand rivers and then.... I'm just gonna laugh.


Oh, excuse me, I just got carried away in the fantasy of it.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. You know we will have the best one here, having seen little one year old grandchild Casey pulled back from the precipice death this week and doing very well indeed.

If you need a bit of opera for the holidays, Charlie sends along this one:

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Anonymous said...

I've been practicing flourishes to kill time between deals, thought those chip florishes were cool? I had a time at FW. Pocket kings were crackd all day long at 2-4L. 3-4 times mine were cracked. the worse my KKKAA lost to pocket A9 on the river. the dealer pointed out that he had the boat not just Aces and nines. Another down day.