Friday, November 20, 2009

Turning Stone

I took a ride up to Turning Stone to lose my restlessness. It was a fine time although I lost $100. One hand determined that score. A fellow had pocket aces and I held pocket deuces. The flop came 8-8-2 and we were all in. Given my push he should have tossed the aces and put me on an 8. The river gave him the other 8 for a fine pot of $250. He was a bad played, chasing and lose, but made money the way Gregg does by betting more than the table wanted to risk. I got some money back from him just letting him bet into me when he had cards. I played well and the table was a nice mix. Lots of young phys ed teachers there on a conference. Many of them did not play well at all and even the good players meant that there were few faces I recognized.

I had a free buffet and did not go to Rome for the Savoy supper. I got home about midnight and felt satisfied. I had thought about staying overnight, but ended up going with no breathing machine and had had enough poker anyway although this morning I am restless once again.

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