Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poker newsletter

Well Jay wrote that he has not heard from me recently, so I thought I'd send out a bit of gambling news on my poker total list.  It would be great if you just hit reply and said "got it" because Robin reports that it dumps in his spam and at times he does not trust to open it.  I know there are a few who just dump it without reading.  I can take anyone off this list just with a note requesting that.  You won't hurt my feelings.  I think I have one old friend now who throws away these emails because they are not personal and then throws any personal ones I write away because he thinks they are these Poker Newsletters.

While Jay has been out of the loop as I had his wrong e-mail, and I have been miles away from the regular weekly games, don't think that I have not heard from folks.  Robin just e-mailed me a nice long note.  Bill wrote warned me that the dingo was out to eat my baby..... oh, no.... it was that my cell phone was being released to telemarketers. 
John Blowers called me here in Florida for directions to Peter's game when he misread Orford and put Oxford in his GPS.  I called Greg to go on the computer when I was in Bartow and find a restaurant with Fred in the name and je found it, so Elizabeth and I had a fine meal on our way home from the Pompano Casino at Fred's Southern Cooking where we had loved the food last year when I bought my van near there. 

We were coming home from lunch with Steve Bourie of the American Casino Guide who offered to buy us lunch and arrange a meetup.  I blog on his site often and it was a treat to meet him and have him sign my book which I have ready for my 16 days in Vegas in April coming.  I am actually going upscale and staying on the strip to be able to catch tourists in poker games rather that skilled Vegas regulars.  Still have average night costs down to under $40 a night even over two weekends.  I can't do as well as Slink, but then I go alone so no one boosts my comps with slot play.

Another cool thing to share with you is this podcast interview with Linda Boyd author of Video Poker books.  Steve Bourie interviewed her on the new games that are here and this was such a delightfully clear interview with so much information, including a coming video poker game based on Texas Hold em in which they use neural technology to track the play of a big name poker player and then recreate his manner of play so we can play against him on a VP machine.  This is due to hit the casinos in March.

I know Linda from her Midwest gambling board which I recommend for good information as well even for no midwest venues.  Along with her now is a Chicago based gambling journalist and writer, John Growchowski (Answerman) and having access to those two minds is just great.  Bill and I benefited from that connection when Linda hooked us up with free rooms in Laughlin through Edgewater host Janella.  Her book is great too.  She has simplifies video poker cards without giving up player advantage.  I am interested in her recent upgrade as it comes with a 10/7 DB card that was worked up between her and Dean Zamzow who did the real work that Dancer got the name credit for.  That is my game.

My son Keith who works for Edward Jones Investments sent me a nice article that deals with investment and gambling. 

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,4183243.story

Well, hope you are all winning if you are gambling.

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