Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tampa Downs again

Well, I do like this place and actually it is not much farther than Turning Stone so I'll be back.  However, I did not fare well yesterday in a very tight 2-4 or in their 1-1 no limit game (top buy in $60)  I liked playing both and when I went back to the 2-4 it was the soft friendly game we had there the night before so I did make some money back.  Over two days of play I ended $30 down, but that included an $80 bonus win on my quad queens so it does not reflect my superior play.
I played a while on the NL in poor position relative to two other guys who generally raised pots.  Once I move to their left I did better.  I did take a couple pots, but then my cards dried up.  My A-3 two pair was beat with A-9 two pair and that reminded me that no matter how cheap, it is just not good to play those cards.

Ron has not played poker often and had a hard hit his first day at the track by playing too loose, but he is a quick learner and by the second visit was playing better than I was.  He lost however, so I don't know if I have talked him into this as a gambling hobby.

We did have a dream table our first visit with a woman who would call anything.  But she got very lucky and managed wins we did not expect so we lost on second best what we won with her staying to the river on a pair of deuces.  She built fine pots, however, and made it impossible for others to bluff or buy so the game was simple.

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