Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Niagara- Places to eat

As well as getting a good Polish meal on Sunday (see other post) I bought three meals while at the Falls.  One other night the casino fed me beef on weck with macaroni and potato salad. It was for the tournament players, but they invited us afterwards.  It was very good.

Nephew Chris and I went to a pizza place and I used a restaurant.com coupon.  We got a huge pizza with everything they had on it and anchovies on the side, and 50 chicken wings.  Much more than we could ever eat.  Chris took the pizza home, and I have eaten wings three times since then and Elizabeth once.  So I think I got my $40 worth.  It was not a great place to eat.  Outside it was too sunny for the picnic tables so we ate inside and it was hot.  Still, we managed quite well.

When eating solo I sought out a couple places I had read about both on the American side.  Murphy's Pub is in walking distance of the casino.  I liked it.  There were large comfortable chairs and a pleasant young girl as a waitress.  She was a bit confusing or confused but very friendly and helpful.  I asked for napkins and she answered by asking me if I wanted a paper, which I took to be paper napkins but was an offer of the days paper.  Then she gave me directions to find free parking near the Turtle building, even writing them down in detail, but the street she sent me down was closed and there was nothing free I saw around the turtle building.  I had a pannini and coffee.  Both were good, but it all cost me $10.  The coffee I would go back for.  There were three kinds and I had the dark roast.  It was very good.
A better breakfast I had at Mom's Family Restaurant.
Tucked up in plaza not far from my motel, this place would have been invisible to me as a rambling tourist, but I had read very good reviews and with the GPS I found it.  It was just great.

The eggs sort of blend into the table in this shot, but they were there.

The eggs were large eggs and cooked right although just a tad under the hot eggs I like best.  The bacon was crisp as ordered.  The coffee was not as fine as Murphy's, but good standard coffee.  Check out the little on reading the menu.

 In the same plaza was this bargain store I had not heard of before. It is a chain coming to various sites across the country.   I had no time for it this trip.  Maybe next time.

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