Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gregg's game just before the Falls trip

Well, I was brushing up on my game so that I am ripe for Niagara Falls.
So I bought in this $20 game for $110.
Some brush up.
More like a brush off.

The new rebuy in rules are just great.  Gregg did a find job making it more like a casino, easy enough to bank and fair enough to let the rebuy guy into the game again.  I know.  I came back.   The new rules are: one row or less, buy in for $10.  No chips, rebuy for $20.  No busted Aces or Kings advantage.

I don't think it was my play. My lost hands were close hands in one way or another. On the real stupid draws I got lucky.  It was the solidly played hands that lost.  No flops. No turns. No rivers.  I guess I used up all my luck getting the pickerel and the quiet morning air off the dock.

What a group Gregg draws.  Even with Bruce home we had 11 at the table. Blowers made a rare visit and pumped up the action, the mucka jucka, the actual mathematics which is often mucka jucka to me and a few very important sounding cell phone calls.
Jim, Charlie, Peter, Gregg, Bill, Slink, Phil, me, Ron, John - 10 at the table.
I had quad nines and was first to act, and no one bet on the river.  I should have bet a bit.  I counted on an all-in bluff.
Charlie had quad tens and pushed all in early, a huge pile of chips.  He won the pot.  He lost a bundle.

Peter played some fine poker just as he did at Blowers.  I'm happy.  I don't see him any longer as destined to be aggressive until bankroll death.

Gregg got hammered again.  Ron left with some money.  Phil played a nice game and left with money.  Bill was sick and could not catch a draw.  Jim got bad rivers....again.  Slink faked all-in bets and laughed and did the 222222222222222222's genuflection.  Ron more than doubled up and went home early.  I don't remember too much.
I caught an inside draw and took John for 15-15-15.

I was wired again on the coffee, clumsy as a drunk, had one of the Smuggler's whiskey.
Afterward Peter and I went for a meal and a talk at a new Mexican place on Central, Fiesta.  On Wednesday 2 people get an appetizer (spinach casadia) entre (chicken fajitas) all from $20.  Nice.
Good to have some father-son time to talk as well as play.

Thanks Gregg.  You sure can pack them in.  Now if you can only fleece them.  I guess you got too rusty over the summer growing all those tomatoes.  Hey, save me some green ones.

See ya next week.

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