Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ocala $500 loss

Letter to my Poker buddies

Well, I dont' know how you boys did yesterday, but I got creamed.  I played no limit all day and lost $500. It makes me think I don't want to play this game.
I had the money to lose because 5 hands into a 1-3 spread limit game I caught a royal flush on the river and earned a $500 bonus. There needed to be $10 in the pot and there was nine.  I was first to act.  Luckily in spread limit I could bet just a dollar.  As soon as the woman to my left called, I was golden.  Then the fellow to her left raised and I reraised.  He did not have the diamond flush, but was representing that he did.  Not the time to do that.
So I tipped $40 and at the end of the day was down $38.
But I got a fine Ocala hat.

I'd feel better if I could idnetify how I played badly.  Once or twice I put people on possible bluffs, and that adds up to may $50 of the losses, but I can't figure the rest of it.  I guess I just don't get this game.  Players were much better than I experienced on my last visit.

Well, today I play at Tampa Hard Rock and expect to play more often for the next couple weeks somewhere as Elizabeth's friend comes in and we will have two cars which frees me up without meaning Elizabeth is stuck in the house.

One thing I save on here is the tolls I pay to head to Turning Stone.  That along with the poker card adds up to about $12 in expense for each trip.  Here I pay no tolls and need no card to play.  It is 59.4 miles.  I get 22.3 MPG and pay $3.50 per gallon at the pump.  So my calculation is the trip costs about $9.32 total each way or $19 round trip.
Turning Stone is 125 miles from home and using the same figures would cost over twice as much in gas and then the $12 in tolls on top of that.
Meanwhile Tampa Hard Rock is 83 miles from here and would cost $24 round trip.  I get to play today because we are going to pick up Ann Marie at the airport and I'll pay it to see Bill.  There is a bus  somewhere near here.  I think I'll do the research, as it pays more than the poker.  However, if I go without paying tolls to Tampa Hard Rock, that is not an unreasonable expense.  It is shorter than Turning Stone.

Great weather here now. Hot and as fine as New York summer.

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