Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second visit to Ocala Jai-Alai

I played a 2-4 Omaha game and had just a great time.  I am really bad at this game, making mistake after mistake.  But it was fun to try to learn it and play well.
I am happy that in this particular limit version I did not have to do more than pay attention to my cards.  There were no tricks at this table and no one played anything more than cards.  Watching people made absolutely no difference, except I probably got called more often because I made so many nutty mistakes that they never knew if I had anything when I bet.
I got pretty lucky, especially on the rivers.
After five hours I has lost $7.  That too was on the last hand I played when I just got confused.  I saw my trip nines and then a 3 came on the turn and for some reason I thought that my 3 would play as well as my pocket nines. Stupid.
The people were easy and friendly and very helpful.  I learned more about the poker room.  It did fill up with bused in people and the folks at my game told me that would make for some soft tables, but I elected to keep playing the Omaha.  There is certainly no time to get bored.  It is like playing six hands of Texas Holdem at the same time.
I lucked into one high hand for the hour.  They pay $25 each hour.  I had quad sixes with an Ace.  I only needed one six in my hand for it to count.  Odd for a bonus.

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