Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Another free bus trip, and when I got there, I had enough points for another free one.  That will be 6 trips on a total payment of $40, each with $15 in freeplay and a free buffet.
On Tuesdays there is a senior drawing, but I did not win.  I did manage to grab two hats at the senior giveaway.  Nice hats, although the theme is summer at Foxwoods so they are a bit out of season, probably left from some other promotion.

I could not play my freeplay on the roulette and I did not want to search out a video poker machine and play a dollar a spin as I thought I might do.  I played the little slot, two coins at a time, and won $10.  So that was fine, my first freeplay win in a long while.
Poker in the morning was not very good.  I lost and was down almost $100, then came back up by about 2:30 and was down just $25. 
I had not eaten much for breakfast, so I was hungry enough to grab a meal just before the senior drawing.   Great selection for my diet:  mussels,  a soup of onions, greens and squash, and a spinach salad with malt vinegar and green Tabasco.  I did push the diet to top the salad with a bit of crumbled blue cheese.  The tea was great, well steeped.  I have to remember to bring my own green teabag next time.

I remember catching Broadway on the turn, raising, and being reraised by a guy with aces.  I won a good pot that time.  I remember raising pocket kings with my aces and again having the guy cap the bet preflop.  The Aces held up and that was a good pot.  Twice I won with AA, once with KK that went to trips.  I remember stealing a pot right after I had won with AA and KK, thinking correctly that the table would give me respect.  I lost a hand with trip 6's when a 9 gave the guy trip 9's on the river. I won a pot with nothing buy outs on the turn by betting my possibilities.  It was a good day.  The bus ride was just fine.  I really had a good day and like coming home a winner for a change.

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