Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tampa Bay Downs

Once again I did not bother Billy for horses, but just got some number from a couple sites.  The sites agreed, so I ended up with favorites and the cross the board bets just broke even when the horse placed.
I hit the first race exacta.
I hit a show bet on a horse that was listed on one site as having won more races than the other horses but not picked as the winner in this one.  It did show.
I had horses that did something in most of the 7 races, but I only made $2.

I used my freeroll and did fairly well, but three Aces took me out when a guy caught an inside straight for Broadway.

The cash game just dwindled my dollars and in the end I called an all in when I held two jacks and there was a queen on the flop.  Bad bet really.  An A-K of diamonds won with the nut flush.

It was fun.  I ate a half chicken downstairs with a two dollar beer and that was a great meal for $10 although not on the diet as it included potatoes.

I was tired and left a bit after 5.  I did encounter traffic.  Next time I'll take Hillsborough to the SunCoast highway as that will not be bumper to bumper as my roads were. 
I stopped at Gander Mt but not good buys.  At Target I got some good cold drinks.  All these were on Hillsborough.


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