Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tampa silks Losing day

Had a mixed day at Tampa. 
Playing while the horses were running was much better than playing in the evening.  The evening was all locals and my cards did not run very lucky.

I bet $34 on the horse and only had two hits, one was a show for 40 cents and one horse I had bet across the board came in to win.  Overall I lost $17
I lost more on cards, but the killer was the evening.
In the end I was down $121

I waited 2 hours for a seat at a table after going out for supper at The Wing House, a clone of Hooters.  Very pretty girls and some great nuggets of breast with a pretty decent sauce.

When I go again I'll head out to eat after the last race.  I got overtired and hungry and left before race 9 and 10. 

I quite in the early evening and had some tooth/head pain on top of my losses and also some trouble driving until I pulled over and washed one eye where something was really bothering it.

Not my most favorite day.

I did come home with one freeroll entry that was a gift from a fellow player.  I can use it any day until the promotion goes away, so I'll go up again.

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